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Check the system requirements, prepare the existing certificate and its password , and you can begin to renew the certificate online.

Start certificate renewal:

Before you start to remotely renew a certificate, read the following:

  1. Eligible for renewal are all valid certificates issued by the KDPW Certification Authority in PKCS#12 files, i.e., certificates for:
    • ESDI/WEB and ESDK production environment;
    • ESDI/WEB and ESDK test environment.
  2. All certificates which are renewed remotely will be saved in a PKCS#12 file selected by the user.
  3. KDPW sends an e-mail notification of the expiration date of a certificate and its renewal 60 (and subsequently 48, 36, 24 and 12) days before the expiration date of the certificate. Certificates are eligible for renewal provided that they have not expired and the certificate holder’s identification details (other than contact details) have not changed; otherwise, you need to visit KDPW.
  4. If the certificate holder’s identification details (other than contact details) provided in the certification form have changed,
    a new certificate will need to be issued: please provide updated documents, have the certificate holder sign the declaration of authorisation of a cryptographic key in the presence of the Chief Guarantor and visit KDPW.
Last modified: 04-09-2019