SWI - Production Certificates


The validity period of a certificate is 2 years.
This website will take you step by step through the certificate renewal process.
Before you start to renew a certificate, makes sure once again that:
  • KDPW has confirmed that the formal requirements necessary to start remote renewal of a certificate have been met,
  • the certificate is valid / has not expired,
  • your work station meets all of the system requirements,
  • you are renewing the file with the correct certificate and you have the certificate security password.
    To check, install the certificate, launch the Internet Explorer, select the menu options Tools -> Internet options -> Content -> Certificates and click the Personal tab. Certificates issued by KDPW have the following codes in the field „Issued by”: KDPW CA, KDPW CA RCT. The ending codes are: PRD – ESDI/WEB production system certificate; TST – ESDI/WEB test system certificate; SDKP – ESDK production system certificate; SDKT – ESDK test system certificate.
    Should you have any doubts, please follow the User's Manual.
When you obtain a new certificate, we recommend that you make a back-up .pfx file and save in on a CD or DVD. If you lose the certificate file, you will need to visit KDPW.
Last modified: 04-09-2019